Our Board of Directors 


Our Neighbors' Place, Inc's board & executive committee are dedicated volunteers who bring their indispensable time, talent, and passion to the work of advancing our mission. 

The Our Neighbors' Place, Inc's board is responsible for overseeing the organization’s governance and long-term direction. Our board develops policy, sets priorities, oversees finances, and raises funds in collaboration with our professional staff. The current committees of the board include the Executive, Fundraising, Public Relations, Personnel Committees.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities such as board membership, please contact us or visit our volunteer page - we would love to hear from you!   

Bob Gustafson, Treasurer

Mark Wespetal, Secretary

Mathew Lesneski

Liz Swank

Mel Branco Bowman

Laura Frost

Janet Wilson, President

Jackie Cobian, Vice President

Paul Shepherd        

Thomas Pedersen

Keith Larson

Tom Bowman